After another busy week, our new Superior Students for English have been selected.

Students have shown superb skills in hot seating activities, outstanding effort during class tasks and there’s even been a creative poem about chickens getting our teachers excited this week!

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

These students have now been entered into the draw to become one of our end of term ‘Excellence in English’ award winners.

Superior Students of the week:

  • Mrs Mather: Kristian Gano 10D Molly Lewin 11F
  • Miss Allison: Deon Moore 8D Jaydon Cockle 11F
  • Miss Foster: Mohammed Ashiq Aslam 7E Darcie Johnson 10D
  • Miss St Pierre: Grace Ball 7C Zaynah Munir 11C
  • Mr Foster Finn: Abigail Gibson 7D Vanesa Gaborova 10F
  • Miss Quartermaine: Arwa Zandani 8D Daniel Gilak 9D
  • Miss Grundy: Corey Brailsford 8G Sidad Sarwar 11C
  • Miss Briddock: Isaac Roberts 7D Dylan Bulman 9A