Superior Students of the Week

Congratulations to the new ‘Superior Students of the Week’ in English!

These students have shown consistent effort and enthusiasm in English lessons this week.  They have involved themselves in class discussions and are working hard to reach their target grades.  Well done everyone!

Mrs Mather:                             Dylan Parker 11.3                     Maria Baluchova 11.2

Miss Foster:                             Sebastian Ilko 7.4                     Rozalia Mackova 7.1

Miss Pyott:                               Zaynab Ahmed 7.2                    Patrik Hanko 10.4        

Miss St. Pierre:                         Tyler Brown 7.2                        Zayn Imaran 9.2

Miss Stephen:                          Darcie Johnson 7.4                   Natalia Gojdova 11.1

Miss Wilkinson:                        Thomas Parker 7.3                    Laura Janova 11.4

Mrs Purshouse:                        Josef Makula Y11                                             

Miss Allison:                            Dylan Walker 8.5                      Tiba Ghadeer 11.1