Congratulations to our new Superior Students!

These students have demonstrated tremendous dedication and enthusiasm towards their learning in lessons this week.  They have really impressed their teachers with their contributions in class discussions and have shown great effort with their own learning for reading and revision at home.

Congratulations to all of our new nominees!

You have now been entered into the end of term draw to become one of our Excellence in English award winners.

Superior Students of the week:

Mrs Mather: Alex Mace 11.A Ellie Dunhill 11.A
Miss Wilkinson: Haniah Khan 7.8 Lukas Bunda 9.3
Miss Foster: Jordan Thompson 7.6 Esmerelda Erdelyi 9.4
Miss Pyott: Caitlin Walker 8.5 Richard Mroc 10.6
Miss St Pierre: Kenin Makula 8.1 Hermione Mer4cy 9.5
Miss Allison: Jaroslav Samko 7.2 Ellie Haywood 10.2
Miss Stephen: Tia Braitch 7.7 Junaid Ali 10.1
Mr Foster Finn: Zakariya Shah 7.8 Peter Cervenak 10.3
Miss Quartermaine: Alfie Avill 7.6 Lucy Beever 8.2