Our new Superior Students of the week have been selected!

These students have demonstrated tremendous effort and a great enthusiasm for their learning this week and have really impressed their teachers with their positive attitudes in the classroom.  Congratulations to all of our new nominees!


You have now been entered into the end of term draw to become one of our Excellence in English award winners.

Superior Students of the week:

Miss Foster: Esmeralda Erdelyi 9.4
Miss Wilkinson: Mashhod Hussain 8.7 & Elisa Musaj 8.7
Miss St Pierre: Muskan Urooj 8.7 & Corey Williams 8.6
Miss Pyott: Anna Dunova 8.1 & Bozena Zigova 10.2
Miss Allison: Saif Ullah Ishaq 11.A & Brandon Sanderson 8.4
Mr Foster Finn: Megan Deville 8.1 & Taylor Kelsall 10.3
Miss Stephen: Mya Holden 8.2 & Tehreem Mian 10.6
Miss Quartermaine: Ryan Scullion 8.3 & Sohear Falifal 8.1