Superior Students of the Week

It’s been another outstanding week of brilliance and hard work across the English department with students showing a passion for reading, commitment to their studies and pride in the presentation of their work throughout the Faculty.

These students have now been entered into the draw to become one of our end of term ‘Excellence in English’ award winners.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

Superior Students of the Week:

  • Mrs Mather: Abigail Foord 10.F
  • Miss Beard: Stefania Gujdanova 07.G and Ellie Hodgson 11.B
  • Miss Allison: David Santana 11.A
  • Miss St Pierre: Hussan Imtiaz 09.C and Eve Jackson 11.E
  • Miss Ali: Martin Hanko 08.A and Allegresse Apangande 08.C
  • Mr Foster Finn: Riley Stoakes 08.D and Moheed Khan 10.E
  • Miss Quartermaine: Harrison Flint 08.E and Aqsa Hussain 09.A
  • Miss Grundy: Abu Bakr Sultan 07.I and Ndumbey Dibba 11.B
  • Miss Briddock: Asma Hamidi 07.E and Ibrahim Awan 09.B
  • Miss Chantrey: Sophie Brocklehurst 09.C and Kamila Horvathova 10.D