Superior Students of the Week

The closure of our school has meant that the start of the new year in the English department has been very interesting!

With the move to online learning and live lessons, staff and students have adapted to the ‘new normal’ way of working incredibly quickly. There have been some outstanding pieces of work produced across all Year Groups making our choice for Superior Students incredibly tough. The chosen students have all proven themselves to be fully engaged with their online learning, have completed work to a high standard and have remained positive and upbeat, taking on the challenges that home learning has thrown at them.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Superior Students of the week:

  • Mrs Mather: Boris Abaffy 10.F | Logan McCloud 10.E
  • Miss Allison: Jaroslav Samko 08.B | Jaydon Cockle 11.F
  • Mr Tingle: Jessica Wright 07.G | Shahnaz Qanbari 11.E
  • Miss St Pierre: Nikola Orackzo 08.E | Saleh Ali 11.G
  • Miss Foster: Cristina Santana Peguero 11.A
  • Miss Grundy: Sahibjit Saroya 07.G | Ndumbey Dibba 11.B
  • Miss Briddock: Sienna Elliott 09.D | Rudolf Gabor 10.A
  • Miss Chantrey: Laurentiu Sipos 08.C |Rudolf Gabor 10.A
  • Mr Silkstone: Shagufta Muhammed 08.F
  • Miss Jabeen: Elisa Musaj 09.G | Lailaa Elsisi 10.A