Our Superior students in Maths for this half term are:

  • Miss Williams: Isaac Roberts Y7 and Arwa Zindani Y8
  • Miss Weatherill: Eve Jackson Y11 and Ravin Ali Hussain Y10
  • Miss Bacon: Zaynab Ahmed and Maryam Bagzad Y9
  • Mrs Liversidge: Majid Khan Y9 and Nene Barry Y9
  • Mrs Thompson: Malykah Hussain Y11 and David Horvath Y8
  • Mr Jones: Lily Nguyen Y7 and Arsalan Dehghan Y8
  • Mrs Horner: Vanessa Gaborova Y11 and Peter Cerevenak Y11
  • Mr Heathcote: Daisy Collet Y7 and Macy Hatfield