Superior Students of the Week

Congratulations to the new ‘Superior Students of the Week’ in English!

The effort and enthusiasm shown by these students over the past week have been incredible!

They are working hard in their English lessons and going the extra mile to really push themselves towards
their target grades. Fantastic effort – Well done!

  • Mrs Mather: Sameera Mazhar 10.4 Declan Avill 10.4
  • Miss Beard: Amaan Anjum 10.4 Tia Drabble 10.4
  • Miss Foster: Vladimir Makula 8CS1 Diana Polakova 8.6
  • Miss Wilkinson: Chad Carney 9.3 Chris Evans 9.6
  • Miss Pyott: Molly Lewin 8.2 Alhamudin Orshdin 11.1
  • Miss St. Pierre: Tia Lazenby 8.5 Jana Badzova 9.4
  • Miss Stephen: Dylan Whatley 8.5 Henrik Santana 11.3
  • Miss Allison: Bridie Lee-Ellis 7.4 Julius Gazi 10.4

Keep up the hard work!