Superior Students of the Week

Congratulations to the new ‘Superior Students of the Week’ in English!

Our eager English teachers have been closely monitoring their classes again this week, looking for stand-out students to nominate as their Superior Students of the week.  These are students who have demonstrated outstanding effort, enthusiasm for their learning and who have embodied the true spirit of the English Way in their lessons over the past few weeks.


Miss Beard:                             Eryk Mirga 11.7             Chelsea Swift 11.4

Miss Foster:                             Jake Harrison 7.5           Salina Ahmed 10.3

Miss Wilkinson:                        Jack Walker 7.5             Zuzana Lukacova 11.5   

Miss St. Pierre:                        Vivien Kokyova 7.6         Molly Burgin 11.2

Miss Stephen:                          Peter Horvath 7.5

Miss Allison:                            Mohja Ismaael 7.2           Jana Badzova 10.4

Miss Croggon:                          Ellie Mae Wilson 7.3        Luize Ivansome 8.5


Congratulations to all of our nominees!

You have now been entered into the end of term draw to become our Excellence in English award winners.