Superior Students of the Week

The English Faculty are celebrating the end of an incredible half term this week and have made some super nominations for their Superior Students.

So many of our students have been going above and beyond in their learning, it has made the choice of who to nominate even more difficult for our teachers this week. There has been an increasing number of students showing an involvement in lessons and a willingness to contribute to class discussions which has really impressed staff across the department during this final week of what has been a very busy and challenging half term.

Congratulations to all of our new Superior Students!

These students have now been entered into the draw to become one of our end of term ‘Excellence in English’ award winners.

Superior Students of the week:

  • Miss Beard: Nene Barry 9C and Patrik Karul 9F
  • Miss Allison: Luke Dennis 8G and Aleesha Judge 10C
  • Miss Foster: Juraj Macko 7B and Hiba Khan 11A
  • Miss St Pierre: Mohammed Rafique 8F and Zaynah Munir 11C
  • Mr Foster Finn: Keren Mafuta 9D and Karolina Gaziova 10A
  • Miss Quartermaine: Yazmyn Nawaz 8B and Whyatt-Rhys Underwood 9D
  • Miss Grundy: Connor Gennard 8F and Lorena Munteanu 9A
  • Miss Briddock: Lily Ogle 7A and Hamid Dehghan 10E