World Book Day 2020

It is World Book Day tomorrow (5th March) and Clifton is truly getting into the spirit of the day with a wide range of fun activities happening throughout the day. These are: 

  • A book sale in the library- all books just £1.
  • 20 books are hidden around the school for students to find and enjoy. 
  • Reading Cafe in E3 (break 1) students can grab a bean bag, a hot drink and a biscuit and relax with their newly found or bought books. 
  • Horrible Histories tea party all day in Personalised Learning Centre. 
  • Book Character Selfie Station- students can have fun recreating some of their favourite characters. 
  • Script reading and acting out during break times in the drama studio. 
  • Creating bookmarks in Art (break 1).
  • Competitive Maths Spelling Bee. 
  • Y7 Quidditch Tournament. 
  • Harry Potter themed food in the canteen.
  • Golden tickets to be found on food for a chance to win incredible prizes.

English Week Continues

Excellence in English Winners 🎉

The Young Shakespeare Company’s performance of Macbeth: magnificent, mind-blowing and mesmerising.

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Laid out like a theatre in the round, Clifton school’s Performance Hall hosted an exceptional version of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth on Friday 3rd May.  It was an incredibly humourous performance, which kept the Year 10 audience riveted from start to finish.  It didn’t disappoint any of us, inter-mingling comedic moments with the challenging language of Macbeth and transporting all of us to the valleys of Jacobean Scotland.  

Highlights of the performance were the truly enthralling Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap, which was generated from student ideas and brought to life the story of Macbeth in rap style.  The talented actor shouted, ‘Drop me a fat beat!’ and then dazzled all of us with his outstanding rap. We were all impressed with how quickly he created a Macbeth rap, which has stuck in people’s heads – great preparation for our end of Year 10 exams.  

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In addition, we all enjoyed the insight into the tricks of stage fighting and another helpful part of the performance was the translation of Macbeth’s soliloquy into modern English.  The actors from the Young Shakespeare Company also used a clap to stop the action during key scenes and allow characters to express their thoughts and motivations. This was particularly helpful and informative, reinforcing our understanding of characters.  Now we can really relate to what Macbeth meant when he said, ‘vaulting ambition which o’er leaps itself’ and we have been encouraged to consider how the witches should be presented. In the performance, they were portrayed as children, playing games with Macbeth and gradually growing in evil throughout the play.

Alongside the entertainment, this production encouraged audience interaction, so we were all glued to the action on stage.  We were hit with a long list of key quotes (which we need for our exams) but this was not overwhelming, as the actors chose to focus on important scenes from the play, which could be easily remembered.

Overall, this bundle of laughter and enjoyment was a great conclusion to the week and has kept our knowledge of Macbeth really fresh.  The play was educational, inspiring and informative; we would recommend that this is an annual event for Year 10. ‘When shall we three meet again, in thunder lightening or in rain? When the hurlyburly’s done, when the battles lost and won!’  If every group of students get a chance to see this performance, we are certain that they will win the battle to achieve good GCSE grades and be able to do a brilliant response to the Macbeth question. This performance by the Young Shakespeare Company was an amazing experience that the Year 10 class of 2019 will never forget!

Written by 10En1

Excellence in English Awards

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