La Chandeleur!

🥞 This week students in their language lessons will be learning about a little culture. When we can’t go to France or Spain or even to a restaurant we are bringing it to you at home.

Students will be learning about La Chandeleur in France or La fiesta de la candelaria in Spain.

Their first lesson will be learning about the event and in their second lesson they will be turning off their screens and making their own pancakes.

Make sure that you have flour, eggs, milk, butter and whatever filling you would like ready for your 2nd lesson.

Please take a photo of your creation and upload onto your Google Classroom!

Spanish Residential Trip

All students have returned safely from Spain and have been incredible from start to finish. 

Throughout the week they have had the chance to practise their Spanish, learn new skills on the water, explore Barcelona and the surrounding area and have learnt so many new life skills. They have had to manage their money, try new foods, work with new people and persevere with an action packed itinerary. They have done all of this with smiles on their faces and we haven’t had even one complaint about how tired they were! (Not sure how we managed it, but Kian Hatfield slept for about 21 hours on the way home!) 

In the hotel they did us so proud and the hotel staff were amazed at their excellent behaviour and the perfect state in which they left their rooms at the end of the trip. 

The beach and PGL staff fell in love with their unique, fabulous personalities and commented on how much they had enjoyed working with our young people. 

There have been so many firsts for the students and it has been a pleasure to watch them explore new environments with such excitement. In many activities they have shown huge amounts of courage and the majority of students found themselves very far out of their comfort zone yet they still gave it their all. I think Jensen Sidebottom used the phrase “I am going to die, help me Miss!” about a million times yet always came out the water saying it was the best experience of his life. 

On the way home we asked the students to summarise their trip on a piece of paper and this is what they said: 

“This trip has been humorously eye opening and exciting and completely worth the 26 hour journey” Amelia S

“The time of my life” Jordan B 

“Time flies when you’re having fun” Keisha K 

“A sporty, sun-soaked, sandy experience that went swimmingly well” Abigail F 

“Best trip ever” Taylor H   

Year 9 make Churros Con Chocolate

This Monday year 9 headed to the kitchen to make some delicious Churros with Chocolate sauce. They had the chance to pipe homemade pastry, whip up some chocolate sauce and then sprinkle the churros with some sugar and cinnamon! All students then tucked into their Hispanic homemade treats that can usually be found in many houses and parties in the Spanish speaking world. They were delightful! 

Spelling Bee Stars

On Thursday 14th February 2019 our year 7 Spelling Bee class winners took part in the school competition in which they had to translate and spell as many words in Spanish in one minute in front of peers and some parents.
At the start of the week students struggled to spell hardly any of the words and with lots of encouragement and practise at breaks and after school and all I can say is they have really pulled it out of the hat!!! They did exceptionally well and all gave it a really great go. Their determination to turn it around has amazed us!
Our top three winners will now go onto represent the school at Sheffield Hallam University in April.
Well done to everyone who took part, excellent work by all!
Inderpreet S 1st place   
Eman A 2nd place
Zaynab H 3rd place
Mushtaba N
Mohja I
Danielle K
Dawid R
Lorena M
Simona J
Sohear F
Shazmeen R

La Fosca Residential

Recently, forty students from years 7-10 set sail in the direction of La Fosca beach, Girona, to undertake a week of watersport activities. Read more

The Spanish Spelling Bee

Yesterday, 12 year seven students took part in stage 2 of the Spanish Spelling Bee. The students were absolutely incredible and stood up in front of their peers to translate a selection of 100 words from English into Spanish and then spell them in Spanish. The students showed a huge amount of confidence and determination and they should be extremely proud of their achievement.

The three winners of this stage of the competition will now go on to represent Clifton School at the regional final.

If you see any of the Bees (names below) around school please do congratulate them!! I have attached some videos/photos of the school final.

Stage two school winners: (representing Clifton in the regional final)
Keisha Kerr
Shnyar Mohammad
Tehmeed Mian

Stage two participants:
Joshua Hough
Ayesha Abrar
Connie Watson
Frankie Edwards
Muhammad Hussain
Boris Abaffy
Abigail Foord
Bridie Lee- Ellis
Said Adil Jamal

Y8 Tapas Trip to The Olive Lounge In Wickersley

On Thursday, thirty Y8 students visited ‘The Olive Lounge’ in Wickersley as part of their module on Spanish food.

The students were extremely well behaved and were a credit to Clifton. The waiters called out the dishes in Spanish and the students were very enthusiastic about using Spanish to order further dishes (and ask for the dessert menu!).

A really great afternoon was had by all involved. The students returned very excited by the experience!

Spelling Bee

We have a Spanish Spelling Bee Club that will take place on Wednesday after school until 3:45PM and Thursday break one.

You can practice in preparation for the first round of competition at the end of this half term.

Open to all Year 7 students to get extra practice in for the National competition.

Golden Books Winner

Languages Students have been awarded Golden Book in school for their excellent effort in and presentation of their work. Well done to all of the students who have been awarded this.  Read more