It’s World Book Day 2020!

World Book Day 2020

It is World Book Day tomorrow (5th March) and Clifton is truly getting into the spirit of the day with a wide range of fun activities happening throughout the day. These are: 

  • A book sale in the library- all books just £1.
  • 20 books are hidden around the school for students to find and enjoy. 
  • Reading Cafe in E3 (break 1) students can grab a bean bag, a hot drink and a biscuit and relax with their newly found or bought books. 
  • Horrible Histories tea party all day in Personalised Learning Centre. 
  • Book Character Selfie Station- students can have fun recreating some of their favourite characters. 
  • Script reading and acting out during break times in the drama studio. 
  • Creating bookmarks in Art (break 1).
  • Competitive Maths Spelling Bee. 
  • Y7 Quidditch Tournament. 
  • Harry Potter themed food in the canteen.
  • Golden tickets to be found on food for a chance to win incredible prizes.

World Book Day 2019 at Clifton

Well done to everyone who took part in World Book Day!

Here’s a list of our winners!

  • Form 7.3 won the door decorating competition and will be receiving the chocolate picnic tomorrow.
  • The English department won the best dressed costume with 49 votes.
  • Curriculum support were the runners up with 40 votes. 
  • 10 students have won additional prizes for their enthusiasm and involvement on the day (Names on the PPT)
  • All 10 books were found by very excited students. 
  • 12 golden tickets were found in the canteen and cashed in for prizes.

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You can view photos from the day on our Facebook page or click here.

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World Book Day 2019

Clifton School is well and truly getting into the spirit of World Book Day, there will be a wide range of activities happening around school and an exciting reading mob that will take place at 11am.

Some of the events that will be happening around school are:

•A reading café

•A creative writing workshop

•An illustrator workshop

•A book hunt

•A book sale where all books are available to buy for 50p

•An exciting selfie booth for students to dress as their favourite literary characters

•Meet a published author

•Charlie and the chocolate factory themed tea party

•Character quiz

•Themed food in the canteen

•Find the golden tickets to win fabulous prizes. 

Click here to view the photo feed throughout the day!

World Book Day Celebrations

Last week we celebrated National World Book Day in style.  Our festivities included a Reading Relay of classics, such as George Orwell’s 1984 and Anne Frank’s Diary; competitions such as a literary treasure hunt and review writing; showings of films and an opportunity for students to see staff metamorphose into their favourite book characters.  The corridors of Clifton were filled with Maleficent, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Queen of Hearts, The Wicked Witch of the West and a plethora of colourful characters. Students loved asking questions about the stories and spotting their favourite protagonists.

In addition, Curriculum Support transformed their classrooms into Wonderland and they held a Mad Hatter’s tea party to raise money for charity.  Teachers had tirelessly decorated their doors so they looked like book covers, with a splendid effort from Mr Fisher who showed his artistic skills in recreating the cover of Peter Benchley’s ‘Jaws’.

Throughout the week in English lessons student have been completing reading tasks linked to the topics they have studied, for example activities around the lyrics of Liverpool songs to complement their study of Willy Russell’s play ‘Our Day Out’.  They have also had additional opportunities to visit the library and see how they can use this excellent facility in their learning.

All of these activities have been geared towards raising the profile of reading in school and highlighting to students the school vision:  Read to succeed. Read for purpose. Read for pleasure. Read for power.