Tectonics Homework

Year 8 Geography students were set a 5-week homework project to make something linked to their tectonics topic. This was an open task to allow them to be creative. They were given some ideas to get them thinking in class and then left to get started. Each week students were reminded of the task their plans were checked and resources shared.

Students produced some outstanding pieces of work ranging from information booklets full of amazing facts and images, erupting volcano models and fantastic layered volcano cakes.

Click here to view Year 8’s explosive volcano!

  Salina A volcano (1) Megan B volcano (1) IMG_9861 (1) IMG_9860 (1) IMG_9856 (1) Finley2 (2) Shannon C earthcake (1) Finley1 (1) (1) Dylan volcano (1) Aisha vlcanoe (1) Abby Johnson2 (1) Abby Johnson1 (1)group pic2 (1)