The Impossible Triangle Challenge

A number of Clifton students that have all completed their ‘Impossible Triangle challenge’ this week!

To complete the challenge students collect merit points in there maths lessons, merits are given to pupils who have achieved a 4 in data collection, made a significant improvement, reached a test target, achieved a great piece of work in lesson and also completed a great piece of homework.

The completed triangle is made up of 9 collected merits and a post card is sent home! All pupils achieving a full triangle will be placed into a prize draw at the end of term and 1 student from each year group will be drawn to win £5 and a certificate.

Congratulations to:


Nadezda Popikova – Y7
Ellie Dixon – Y9
Courtney Johnson – Y9
Ben Mitchell – Y9
Gabriel Tokar – Y9
Shannon Bulman – Y8
Landon Drabble – Y8
Faiza Bi – Y9
Hamza Ibrahim – Y11
Lubos Averkin – Y7
Dasa Zupkova – Y7
Natalia Cechova – Y7
Sara Gavoza – Y7
Alhamudin Orshdin – Y9
Margarita Kisyova – Y10