Translation Bee National Final

On Wednesday Tehreem and Tehmeed Mian travelled to Cambridge University for the National final of Translation Bee.

This round of the competition was tougher that first imagined and despite the talent seen in the regional final, the candidates were even faster during the national round. Students from schools all around the country went head to head and the talent was so high that tie breakers were needed to find the top four. Students were translating up to 24 full Spanish phrases in four tenses in just one minute! 
Both Tehmeed and Tehreem did an outstanding job and their level of Spanish has improved hugely as a result. Excellently, Tehreem made it through two tie breakers to place 3rd out of 15,026 students across the country!! Tehmeed also did an outstanding job and placed 12th.  
The girls will continue to use their language skills in their GCSE courses.