First Day

What time does each lesson start?

Registration – 8.45 a.m. – 9.00 a.m.

Period 1 – 9.00 a.m. – 10.20 a.m.

Period 2 – 10.20 a.m. – 11.40 a.m.

BREAK  – 11.40 am. – 12.10 p.m.                               

Period 3 – 12.10 p.m. – 1.25 p.m.

LUNCH – 1.25 p.m. – 1.55 p.m.                               

 Period 4 – 1.55 p.m. – 3.10 p.m.                                 

When is my first day? Where do I go?

On your child’s first day they should arrive between 8.30-8.40am. There will be staff on the front and side gates who will greet students and direct them to the schoolyard where they will need to line up.  The school bell will ring at 8.40am, indicating that there are 5 minutes until the start of the school day.  Students will then be met on the yard by their Form Tutors and taken to assembly. Your child should wear the full Clifton uniform.

Can I ride my bike to school?

Yes.  The bike park is outside the main reception, but please remember to bring a bike chain or padlock to secure your bike.  You will need to take the chains/locks home with you each night.  Students are not permitted to ride their bike on school premises.


The uniform expectations for early transition are the same as the uniform in September 2014. All students will be expected to wear:



Black tailored trousers

Black tailored trousers or black skirt

White shirt

White shirt

CCS black jumper or cardigan with school logo

CCS black jumper or cardigan with school logo

Clip on school tie

Clip on school tie

Black shoes with no logos

Black shoes with no logos

Can students bring a mobile phone?

No. Mobile phones are a distraction and students are not allowed them in school.

What subjects are there in Year 7?

In Year 7, students will study Maths, English, Science, PE/Dance, History, Geography, MFL/Intervention, Art, Music/Drama, DT/Materials/Food, PSHE.


What do students need for PE?

  • Burgundy crew/round neck t-shirt with logo
  • Burgundy hoody with logo (optional, but highly recommended) (+ £3 with your name printed on the back)
  • Black shorts with logo or tracksuit bottoms with logo – they can choose which they prefer or both.
  • Black socks

What equipment do students need to bring?

Students must bring their planner to school each day and a bag large enough to carry all of their equipment with them from lesson to lesson.  The minimum stationery requirements are that students have a pen, pencil and 15cm ruler. It is also useful to bring these in a pencil case with a spare pen and maybe some coloured crayons, although these are not mandatory.

Students will be issued with a temporary school planner during their first day in June and will receive a permanent school planner in September.  These are free but replacements will need to be paid for so students should make sure that they look after them.

Breaks and Lunchtime

What do students do?

There are three areas students can purchase food at breaks and lunchtime at Clifton.  The canteen serves hot food and snacks and the Performance Hall is open for sandwiches and cold buffet. We are currently building a third area in the ADT gallery. This will be a covered outdoor area with picnic tables. It is hoped this will be ready for September. In the meantime the third area students my purchase food is in the common room.

All students will receive a lunch card. They can top-up the card by using the machines in the canteen and one outside E1. They will be shown how to do this when they start in June.  If students need to top up their card, we suggest that they do this before FTT as the canteen can get busy at break and lunchtimes, making it difficult to get to the machines to do this.  Students may use coins, notes or cheques to top-up their lunch card; cheques should be placed in an envelope clearly marked with their name, form and the amount they wish to top-up.  They should then be dropped into the box at the side of the cash machines.

If a student ever forgets their lunch card, they should speak to their Form Tutor who will allow them to make contact with home for it to be brought into school.  If this is not possible, don’t worry; if they let us know, we will try to make alternative arrangements.

If students are entitled to free school meals, money is put onto their card automatically each morning.  We recommend that they bring a bottle of water to school each day.  This will keep them hydrated and help them to concentrate in their lessons.  Please note: fizzy pop/energy drinks are banned in school and will be confiscated once students come onto the premises.

No students are allowed to leave the school site at lunchtime; Year 11 have their own common room and all students are allowed in their form rooms. Students are expected to eat their lunch in their form rooms or the canteen. They are NOT allowed to be roaming the corridors.

Are there any activities for students to do at lunchtime?

There are lots of activities that students can do both at lunchtime and after school.  These include sports clubs, home learning activities, board games club, craft clubs and lots more.  Students can find out about these either from their form tutor or on the Year 7 notice board. The Astro and hardcourt are open every day at lunchtime.


Every child regardless if they are entitled to a Free School Meal, are offered a free breakfast of either – toast or cereal and a hot drink. This is available from 8.00am to 8.40am each day.

Absent From School?

Are students allowed to go on holiday during school time?

Holidays will not be authorised in school term time.

What if my child is sick or absent and can’t come to school?

If your child is sick or absent from school for any reason, please notify the school by phone as soon as possible.  The contact number for the Attendance Office is 01709 538333 and the general school number is 01709 515005.

Parents Evening

Transition Day 2017

Transition 2017

Wednesday 21st June 2017 is our transition day. On that day your child should arrive at the main entrance at Clifton at 8.50am, where they will be directed to the main hall. They will follow a timetable throughout the day and they will be dismissed at 3.00pm. They should wear their usual primary school uniform on that day and if they have had their fingerprint taken on their induction afternoon, they will be able to purchase a school meal, if not, please send them with a packed lunch.