Year 11 Science Revision Sessions

There will be a number of Science revision sessions being held over the next couple of months for our year 11 students. All revision sessions will be held in the science department between 3.15 – 4PM.


The sessions are as follows:


4th November – Heat Transfer

11th November – Cost of Electricity

18th November – Energy Sources

25th November – Waves

2nd December – Origins of the Universe



2nd November – Velocity and Acceleration

9th November – Stopping Distances

16th November – Momentum, Collisions and Car Safety

23rd November – Circuits

30th November – PE, KE and Work Done

7th December – Terminal Velocity



2nd November – Cells and Movement of substances

9th November – Photosynthesis

16th November – Enzymes

23rd November – Respiration

30th November – Genetic Disorders

7th December – Extinction and Speciation