Year 8 Effort Ranking Awards

A HUGE congratulations to the following Y8 students who have all achieved first place (No1 in the Effort Ranking) for the 1st collection:

Faiza Bi, Javairia Hussain, Shaila Hussain

The  following students, along with the above, should also be congratulated for achieving the top 10 effort rankings:

Sophie Davis, Alysia Goodall, Ellie Harper, Rimsha Hussain, Halimah Iqbal, Sameera Mazhar, Hafsah Nawaz, Auguste Rekyte, Kaci Ripley, Megan Scales, Wiktoria Stawowiak, Smilte Vitauskaite.

We would also like to congratulate the Year 8’s who, along with all of the above, achieved the top 20 effort rankings:

Ellie Dixon, Tiba Ghadeer, Lidia Graff, Jasmine Hagan, Tiegan Hall, Hafsa Hussain, Courtney Johnson, Humaira Munir, Sophie Pugh, Aqsa Sajid, Alicia Walker, Bethany Wilkes

Well done to all – Excellent effort!