Year 8s Start Their Options Process

This week, our year 8 students attended a virtual options assembly delivered by our Headteacher, Mr Hardcastle. The assembly was an introduction to the process that all students in the year will be going through over the next few weeks to choose their options for year 9.

Although there will be no formal qualifications given in year 9, the aim of these options is to equip the students with the foundation skills and knowledge for year 10 & 11, when their formal examinations will take place. It’s a starting point for our vision – ‘to send every young person into the world able and qualified to play their full role in it’.

The students were introduced to the faculties that they can choose to study next year – each student will get to study two of these. Within these faculties, there will be related disciplines/subjects that they will learn, which they can then choose to specialise in when it comes to year 10 & 11. 

For example: if the chosen faculty is Art, the student will study Fine Art, Craft & Design and Photography on a rotational basis throughout the year. After learning the foundation knowledge for these disciplines, they may then choose to specialise in one of them in year 10 & 11. 

A Google Form will be sent out to students over the next few weeks to add in their chosen faculties. We aim to give all students their first and second choice but we ask students to rank their top four faculties from the list in case for whatever reason, we cannot offer a particular subject.

Mr Hardcastle’s advice when choosing options: 

Do choose a subject that you enjoy

Do choose a subject that you’re good at 

Do choose a subject that is suited to your aptitude and personality

Do choose a subject that is related to your ambitions

Do choose a subject that compliments your learning style 

Don’t choose a subject just because you like the teacher

Don’t choose a subject just because your friends have chosen it

Don’t choose a subject because parents want you to do it

Don’t choose a subject because it is an ‘easy option’ – there is no easy options and they all have challenges built in

Next step:

We will be hosting a virtual options evening on Wednesday 24th February for parents and students. There will be a presentation delivered by Mr Hardcastle and then there will be a chance to break out into separate talks with faculty leaders to get more information about particular subjects.

“The year 8 options assembly marks the beginning of your next steps at Clifton, as you embark on the next phase of your education. Year 9 is a foundation year, where you will acquire the skills and knowledge to prepare you for your GCSE Curriculum. Remember, choose options that interest you and that you enjoy. Your journey to GCSEs and beyond begins now and you are in the driving seat!” – Mr Harcastle