Year 9 Award Winners

Congratulations to our Year 9 winners from the last term. Well done and keep up the hard work.
The awards were presented for students who gained:
  • Extra Curricular Passport Points
  • 100% Attendance
  • No CFC’s
  • No lates
  • All 3 of the above

Our winners are as follows:

  • 100% Attendance- £10: Hailie Smith
  • No Lates- £10: Ashley Ogden
  • No CFC’s- £10: Travis Markham
  • No Lates, 100% attendance, No CFC’s- £20: Aaminah Mahmood
Extra Curricular Points Winners:
  • 9.1- Ellie Mae Evans
  • 9.2- Alice Hardy
  • 9.3- Joe Woods
  • 9.4- Amaan Anjum
  • 9.5-  Charlotte Caprani
  • 9.6 Natalie O’Donnel
Bronze  Natalie O’Donnell
Silver – Amaan Anjum
Gold – Charlotte Caprani
We also have some more winners for 100% attendance, No Lates, No CFC’s. Letters for this term have been sent home:
Jacob Dimbleby
Abu Hussain
Aaminah Mahmood
Jenna Nishat
Kirsten Weatherhead
Charley Bell
Molly Burgin
Alice Hardy
Madiha Iqbal
Landon Drabble
Ellie Lancaster
Travis Markham
Ellie Mae Nicholson
Ethan Gale
Rhian Hart
Alexandru Toma
Zico Barker
Kasam Hussain
Hailie Smith