Start of lessons you should:

  • Arrive on time for lessons
  • Enter rooms sensibly
  • Take off and put away outdoor wear
  • Take out your pens, books and equipment
  • Put bags away
  • Remain silent during the register (except when your name is called)

During lessons you should:

  • Remain Silent and listen when your teacher talks to the whole class
  • Bring the right equipment for every lesson
  • Work sensibly with your classmates, not distract or annoy them
  • Apologise and expect to make up the work you have missed, if you are late for a lesson
  • Record homework in you planner
  • Remember that eating and chewing are not allowed in lessons
  • Do not leave the lesson without permission

At the end of the lesson you should:

  • Remember that the teacher decides when the lesson is over
  • Keep working until you are told to stop
  • Pack away when you are asked to do so
  • Put materials, equipment and chairs away tidily
  • Put all litter in the bin